Measures of Reducing the Ball Mill Noise

As the large scale equipment, the mining equipment will produce noise inevitably in the operation process. However, the too large noise will cause some harm to the operator and the surrounding residents. Now Hongxing Machinery offers you some measures to reduce working noise to a minimum. Let's take the ball mill as an example.

ball mil

Ball mill is the common grinding equipment in the chemical, metallurgy, mining and other industries. Its lowest noise is 95dB and highest one is up to 120dB. As one of the strongest noise in the industry production, the ball mill noise needs to be controlled instantly.

According to research of Hongxing Machinery, there are three main ways to rationally control the noise; they are installation of acoustic enclosure, soundproof room and soft sound insulation curtain.

1. Acoustic Enclosure

Method of installation of acoustic enclosure means that mantle the whole ball mill and add sound-absorbing body to eliminate reverberation noise inner the acoustic enclosure. This method is usually available for 25-45dB noise reduction, but cannot effectively isolate ball mill noise to the outside world. However, because of the large volume of ball mill and poor ventilation effect, this method is not widely used.

2. Soundproof Room

As the modified production of acoustic enclosure, the soundproof room solving the problem of insufficient maintenance space is widely used in controlling the ball mill noise in the recent years. However, the problem of poor ventilation effect still exists.

3. Soft Sound Insulation Curtain

Soft acoustic curtain is the foreign latest development sound insulation equipment which absorbs noise with the soft elastic fiber material. With advantages of perfect ventilation and lighting performance, high temperature resistance and simple use, it is especially suitable for space-restricted ball mill noise controlling sites. This new type of noise control soft acoustic curtain is gradually replacing the traditional rigid sound insulation structure.

Hongxing Machinery offers 3 ball mill noise reduction methods for your choice. Hongxing Machinery specializes in the production of ball mill, rod mill, sand maker, crusher and other mining machines. Welcome to consult us via

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