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Slag Mill

Slag Mill

Application Range: It is mainly applied in slag micro power production industry and cement grinding station

Technical Features: Slag mill adopts high-fine screening and grinding technology

Applicable material: Copper ore, hematite, slag, molybdenum ore, gold ore, iron ore, slag, slag, etc

  • Gold Ore
  • Slag
  • Molybdenum Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Ore


1. It has conical grinding roller and plane disk, which has the advantages of simple structure, small abrasion, long service life of wearing parts, easy installation, adjustment and repair.

2. The grinding roller has automatic lifting, pressing and turning function, which is easy to realize no-load starting. It has strong adaptation to iron, wood and stone, which is convenient for the maintenance and replacement.

slag mill

3. The grinding roller bearing adopts oil lubrication system and pneumatic sealing, which can fully guarantee the good working condition and long service life of bearing.

4. The grinding roll sleeve and grinding disk lining board adopt cast steel substrate; the surfacing material is wear-resistant with long service life, which can be repeatedly surfacing.

Slag Mill

5. The special designed position limit system can guarantee the grinding roller and grinding disk not in rigid contact, so as to reduce the vibration and wear.

6. It adopts new generation of high efficiency cage type powder selecting machine with variable frequency speed control, which can fully guarantee the fineness of finished products.

Slag Mill Delivery Site

7. High modular design can realize the interchangeable parts and the scalability of whole series, which reduces the number of inventory and parts, reduces the production cost and improves the maintenance efficiency.

8. Its compression adopts elastic hydraulic system, which has stable output, small vibration and low noise.

Slag Mill Work Site

Slag Mill Technical Data

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